Nomad Arm Warmers - Navy
Nomad Arm Warmers - Navy

Nomad Arm Warmers - Navy

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  • Practical, versatile, and exceptionally comfortable to wear
  • An indispensable addition to your cycling accessories kit
  • Suitable for riders of all disciplines
  • Extra protection against the elements
  • Shield your arms when the temperature changes

No matter what your riding level, arm warmers are one piece of kit that will be worn over and over. They provide added warmth in chilly temperatures and can be swiftly removed when your body heats up. Lightweight and non-bulky, they can be easily stashed in your jersey pockets when not being worn.

Our arm warmers are made of soft fabric that won't cause friction as you move, even during prolonged journeys. They stay in place and won't slide down your arms, without being restrictive or hindering proper circulation. Their neat design means they can be comfortably layered up underneath your long-sleeved cycling apparel, or worn with a cycling vest on warmer days.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, your elbow joints will be securely cradled and defended against extreme cold. Pair our arm warmers with our cycling knee warmers to keep your limbs protected and your temperature expertly regulated.