Our Story

Nomad Cycling Story

For the adventurer in us all...

Nomad was formed with an unshakeable belief at its core; that cycling apparel should offer outstanding comfort, contemporary style, and enhanced performance to help you keep moving on your journey.

Conceived in 2016, our California based company aims to tackle the issues that cyclists of all disciplines face. Over 40 years of cycling experience have taught us that unreliable, uncomfortable cycling clothing that lacks functionality and is emblazoned with brash sponsor logos can essentially weaken performance and take the joy out of riding.

Inspired by brotherhood, community, and nature's ever-changing elements, we sell cycling apparel that allows you to push boundaries and undertake the toughest of challenges. Our knowledge of, and passion for, cycling is evident in everything we do. We are dedicated to the notion that substance and style should work in harmony, so premium quality materials and practical features are combined in each garment and accessory. We believe that cycle gear should aid and upgrade your cycling performance while making you look good, so cutting-edge fabric technology and modern, sleek design are showcased in all our products.

Being a Nomad is about the never-ending quest for the things that sustain your soul. Some rides are short and fast, others take you on the long and winding route. No matter where your quest leads you or who joins you on your journey, we are all connected to one another and to the natural world. Always moving yet present in each moment - the Nomadic spirit brings experience, survival, lifeblood.

Our mission is to bring you the highest quality cycling kits that are stylish and comfortable whether you are suffering on a long climb or chillin' with a cold, post-ride beer!

Where will your quest lead you?