2018 Ambassador Program Application


A : a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified brand or activity.
B : an accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country.

What does it mean to be an ambassador for Nomad Cycling Apparel?

Be cool.
 Be nice to people when you ride, especially other riders.  Our brand is about unity and a common thread amongst us all.  If someone is uncool, be like Luke, use the force and rise above.  If someone needs help, lend a hand.

Ride your bike… a lot.  We have no guidelines here but what a good statement, right?  There is no pressure from us to be the fastest or best at anything.  If you are, we will celebrate and support you all the way but that’s not what this is all about.

Take pictures.  Not just the kit but keep us in the loop on what you’re up to.  We wanna see your clean or dirty bike, the trails you ride, the people you ride with or meet on your way.

Social Activity.  Post to your Instagram and other social media accounts and tag Nomad. (@nomadcyclingapparel #talesofthetread)  You don’t need to post everyday, and we have no real guidelines here but we highly encourage frequent activity.  A secret hidden ambassador isn’t what we are looking for.

Participate in the bike community in whatever way that fits you.  You don’t have to race or do anything stipulated by Nomad other than get out and ride your bike.  Have fun and get people stoked, not just on Nomad but riding and everything that comes with it.  Just have fun, be yourself and keep being awesome!  If you do race we will support you and celebrate your victories.  If you place well, let us know so we can shout about it and send you something cool.  If you don’t race, let us know what you are up to so we can shout about that too and keep you stoked with some cool stuff for being awesome.

Have fun.  No pressure here, just have fun and be stoked.

Be comfortable.  You are already a badass in our eyes.  No need to push yourself to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with, but it’s never bad to push yourself a little.

Make us proud.  Do what you do and make us look good however you can.  Stoke us and we stoke you.

Give feedback.  Let us know your honest thoughts.  Don’t hold back, we can handle it and if something sucks we want to make it better or get rid of it.  Let us know what people say about us and our apparel.  Good honest feedback is very hard to come by and extremely valuable, we are counting on you in a big way for this information.


So what’s in it for an ambassador of Nomad Cycling Apparel?

Cycling apparel.  You will receive a new kit at each launch.  We are planning on introducing 2-3 new kit designs per year.  The kit will differ by each launch.  All will include a short sleeve jersey and bib shorts at a minimum but may include arm warmers, vest, long sleeve, etc.  This depends on what is considered a part of the entire kit.

Race Fees.  If you race and get a podium spot (1-3) we will pay your entry fee.  You will also be featured on our Instagram feed and web site.  There will also be other secret perks determined at the time.  If you win... well, we are going to freak out!  Then hook you up like mad!

Rider Support. If you are not a racer we can still support you.  Doing a gran fondo? Multi day adventure with friends? Organizing a community ride?  Let us know what you have in mind and we will work together to get you the support you need.  While we may not be able to pay entries for everything, there may be something we can do.

Pro Discount.  40% discount and free shipping on all Nomad Cycling Apparel ordered that is above your agreed ambassador packages.

Random Goodies.  From time to time we will just stoke you out for no reason at all.

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